What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): consists of a set of optimization techniques applied to a website or webpage to position it at the top of the search engines results based on a keyword or set of keywords on which that website or webpage has been optimized for.

For easy understanding the process works like this:

A lady uses a search engine to search for something she is interested in finding information about. In this case we will use Google.com as our search engine example. All search engines work similar, like Yahoo and Bing, which are the best after Google.

After she performs her search; the first page of Google displays a set of highly relevant pages or domains right in front of her so she may get access to any one of them that might give the information she is looking for.

Every one of those websites have been in some degree optimized in order for the Google Search Engine Bot (Google Algorithm) to consider them exactly what the searcher is looking for and place them right there in the top page, as well as in the top positions of the first page.

Search Engine ranking is all about a battle where the best optimized webpages are picked by the search engines to be placed in the top and grab the eyes of all the searchers.

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